Stick-On Instructions

  1. Carefully wash the lenses of your glasses with an oil-free soap and allow them to dry.
  2. Using lukewarm water, place a drop of water inside the lens of your glasses where you are going to apply the Hydrotac lens.
  3. Take a Hydrotac lens and place it on the inside of the lens, making sure the curve of the Hydrotac lens matches the curve of your glasses. Hydrotac lens can be positioned anywhere on your eyeglass lens. Hydrotac lenses should be in the same position, both horizontally and vertically on either lens of your glasses. You can reposition the lenses as long as they are still moist. Repeat this operation with the second lens.
  4. Using a lint-free cloth, gently press the Hydrotac lenses to force out any excess water.
  • Wear your glasses and make sure your long distance sight is not obstructed by the Hydrotac lens.
  • If your line of vision is obstructed, remove the lenses using your fingernail. Reposition the lenses as instructed in Steps 2 through 4 above.
  • If you require the Hydrotac lenses to be smaller, use a sharp scissors to trim the lenses from the lower-curved side. Then, install the lenses as instructed in Steps 2 through 4 above.
  • While the lenses are fixed to your glasses, complete molecular adhesion will occur in approximately 24 hours. You can always remove Hydrotac lenses using your fingernail to lift the edge.
  • Hydrotac lenses do not leave any residue behind and can be removed and reused as often as you require.


  • Hydrotac® lenses are created with the same magnification used to correct Presbyopia (simple far sightedness) and for reading.
  • Hydrotac lenses can be mounted to sunglasses, safety glasses, welding masks, diving masks, sporting glasses or any other type of eyewear.
  • Hydrotac lenses are not intended to be used when driving a car or motor vehicle.
  • Keep Hydrotac lenses out of the reach of young children.


  • Hydrotac lenses are meant only for seeing things in close proximity or for reading. They are not designed for long-distance viewing.
  • There is a front and back of the Hydrotac lens. To determine the front, hold the edge of the Hydrotac lens between your finger and thumb and gently squeeze it to see which way the lens curves. The front will curve outward. This is the side that you should adhere to your glasses. Alternatively, you can lay the Hydrotac lens on a flat surface to determine which is the front side.
  • Ready-to-wear non-prescription glasses are not intended to replaced prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional. Continuous eye check-ups are necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.


  • To clean Hydrotac lenses, simply wash them with an oil-free soap and allow them to dry. Do not clean Hydrotac lenses with spirits or  solvents. To remove the Hydrotac lenses, simply lift the edges of the lens with your fingernail.

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