Hydrotac Stick-on Lens FAQ 

  1. What is the recommended method to apply Hydrotac lenses?
    Use lukewarm tap water generously on the eyewear lenses and the stick-on lenses. This removes any lint and dust particles which will impede the lenses from sticking. Once you place your lens on the wet eyewear lens you will use your finger to press on the center of the stick-on lens. This will push any air bubbles outward. Then use a cloth or napkin and dab all around your finger, further pushing the air bubbles out. After the lens is dry it is recommended to leave it sitting for 24 hours to complete molecular adhesion.

  2. How do I clean the lenses?
    Peel the lenses off and use a generous amount of water to clean the lenses. You may also use an oil-free dish soap. Then repeat the stick-on instructions.

  3. Why are they not staying put?
    Use a generous amount of water but do not drown your glasses in water while applying the lenses. While both lenses are wet you will press down firmly on the center and will use a cloth or napkin to press the edges around them down. Once you dry the entire lens and let them sit for a time there should be no slippage.

  4. Are they reusable?
    Yes! These are reusable. For optimal reuse quality follow the instructions on this page to keep them clean and sticking for as long as possible.

  5. Do I put them on the inside or outside?
    It is highly recommended to stick the lenses on the inside of the lens (the lens side closest to your eyes).

  6. Which way do they go?
    Find the curvature of the stick-on lens (it may be subtle, but all stick-on lenses are curved) and match that curve with the curve of your eyewear lens.

  7. How do I get out the air bubbles?
    While applying press firmly down on the center of the lens and use a cloth to push out the remaining air bubbles around it.

  8. What should I do if it falls off?
    Simply rewash and reapply, using a firmer method and letting it out to dry longer for optimal stick.

  9. Does it matter if I have a coating on my lens?
    Coatings can make the stick-on lenses harder to apply (especially anti-fog coatings). Our recommendation is to be much more attentive to the application process, spending more time being sure you properly follow the instructions to minimize any sticking issues.

  10. Can I heat them up to stick better?
    No. Hot water will cause the lenses to increase in size. Use lukewarm tap water during the application process.