Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
Love these glasses. Very light weight. Can barely feel them while wearing them.

Tkank you!!!!

Jesus Verduzco, NM 07/17/2018
Love these glasses.

Les Milam, FL 07/17/2018
A great product at a great price. They are all I use.

Gary Pavelka, IL 07/17/2018
Good product at reasonable price.

Trista Singleton, MS 07/16/2018
I purchased ClassicReader 3pk in the past & wanted to replace them. Had difficulty finding same style/fit but finally found OptxClassic Timeless style (4022396) that is very similar but slightly heavier. I also purchased the OptxTradition but returned them in favor of the Classic. The Classic style is not listed above so I substituted Tradition as it is very similar. Classic packaging does indicate buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Elaine Rinehimer, IL 07/16/2018
Love these light weight glasses!!!

Cynthia Joseph , NV 07/15/2018
I use these daily and have for several years. They're inexpensive and work perfectly for me. I keep several pair laying around the places I frequent.

Harvey Hicks, MS 07/15/2018
These glasses are the best. I have multiple pairs and strengths all over my house, even in the basement and bathroom!

Leigh Kademenos, OH 07/14/2018
I could not find the item # (563030853) of the glasses I actually purchased. They are of the frame style of the 3 pair valupac of the tradion. heritage, or prime as listed in your selection of 300 strength readers. These were purchased for my mother, not me; so I am forwarding this request in the same envelope as my request for a free pair of glasses. You may mail both mine and hers in the same package and to my address, and I will deliver them to her. If possible, I would like her to receive the same type (563030853) as I purchased, but any valupac as listed above will suffice.

diane richter, LA 07/14/2018
the supply of optx 20/20 3-pack of readers at Walmart in Minden, Louisiana, seems to be very low. I bought the last two in the strength of 250.

diane richter, LA 07/13/2018
like the convenience of 3 packs.

mary slade, MS 07/12/2018
I like the wire rims and the feel of them. They work well with my eyes.

Elvin Borg, WA 07/10/2018
Love colors and cat eye shape

Rosemary Colley , KY 07/10/2018
I love these glasses! I prefer the Basic colored pack but when I place orders through you or Walmart I receive the Fashion colors pack. What is the item number for the basic color pack so I can make sure I receive the right one. Thank you!

Great price for three sets of reading glasses. I keep a pair in every room which is very convenient.

Samson Tucker, VA 06/28/2018
They work great.

David Woods, NC 06/28/2018
Love my new glasses. Purchased from Walmart. Comfortable and easy to use.

Laura Bauer, VA 06/27/2018
I have purchased various styles over the years....I am pleased with all the readers, and well worth the money.

Linda Grundy, IL 06/26/2018
Love your glasses

Jenny Hemminger, PA 06/23/2018
Great glasses for the price. Love the buy 2 get 1 free.

Robin Bowen, WV 06/22/2018
Thanks for the offer!!!!

STEPHEN POWER, TX 06/21/2018
I love the OPTX 2020 products! They last longer than any others I've tried.

Roxanne Banks, TX 06/21/2018
Perfect size and shape. Wish they came in a dark blue.

Becky Hewitt, FL 06/20/2018
lightweight. very comfortable

evelyn yount, WA 06/20/2018
I really like that your glasses are stylish and economical...and they also help me to read. I've been buying them for many years.

John Mertz, NE 06/20/2018
The Glasses are a great value. The process to obtain this free offer is extremely difficult and almost impossible to follow.

Gerry Lington, TX 06/19/2018
9545574630 I have purchased several 3-paks over the years. I enjoy the quality of the glasses and the convenience of having glasses throughout the house whenever and wherever needed: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, etc.!! They are a great price and if I lose or break a pair I have another at the ready.

Richard Ducham, FL 06/19/2018
Great Glasses, been using them for years now.

Tim Hopkins, FL 06/17/2018
We are continuously purchasing your glasses. They are affordable and there is no stress when my husband says he lost yet another pair on a jobsite.

Melissa Locey, TX 06/11/2018
The first 3 set I bought I believed they had very good lenses, I showed my Eye Doctor he agreed the lenses were very good and asked me for the brand which I shared.

Loretta Speckman, NY 06/10/2018
Could I get the contemporary look 1.50 3 pack or the vogue 1.50 3 pack as my free ones? I need lightweight and able to see over them when I walk. Thank you, Karen

Karen Cutrer, TX 06/09/2018
Could I please get contemporary look 1.50 3 pack or vogue 1.50 3 pack for my free ones? I need lightweight and able to see over when i walk. Thank you, Karen

Karen Cutrer, TX 06/09/2018
This model fits well on my face

B Hoenecke, WI 06/04/2018
I use these all the time, I keep spares at church, in car, on boat, in bathroom.

Glenn Bellows, TX 06/03/2018
Great product

David Thomas, NY 06/01/2018
Good value.

Thomas Filpus, GA 06/01/2018
I bought these and then went back to the store & purchased the second set. 250 OPTXRETRO 3PK - 553818144

Joseph Purr, PA 05/29/2018
Good quality, great value.

james spooner, AL 05/28/2018
It was very difficult to navigate this site, but finally I figured it out.

Judy schweppe, CO 05/25/2018
work great for a great price

Debbie Gusler, MI 05/21/2018
I've been using OPTX for years since the first 150's I bought. Now using 200's with the plastic frame, as they are easier on the bridge of my nose. Great product.

GARY HUBER, MO 05/19/2018
Love the look and price of the glasses. Great value. Great look.

Russell Breitfelder, OH 05/18/2018
great product wish they were more scratch proof.

Philip Fermo, IL 05/18/2018
I like the style, look and feel.

Carlos Morales, TX 05/18/2018
We hope you continue to carry these OPTX 20/20 3 packs. We had a hard time finding them at Walmart. We would like you to expand beyond +3.00 into higher magnification. Sad, but true.

Debi Winland, OH 05/16/2018
excelent products

javier sanchez, TN 05/16/2018
Thank you for a good value product and a fair price.

Donald Minervino, FL 05/16/2018

I tried a few other glasses, and found these the best for my eyes. I would like to continue to use the same glasses in future as well.

Priyadershan Beeravol, GA 05/15/2018
I wanted the carry case for you pocket.

Thomas Biddlecome, CA 05/13/2018
I never wore glasses until I needed reading glasses. These serve me well.

Ron Williams, OH 05/12/2018
I like to wear my glasses down on my nose so that I can see outward when I am not reading. But, 250 OPTXRETRO an the 250 optxTradition cause the page, especially a computer page to waver when I move my head. It is quite disturbing. I have purchased these types glasses before, and worn them as described above with no problem. Please advise. Thank you.

james menna, NY 05/12/2018
Hey, Good Deal, but you don't make it easy for us elderly!

Edna Schilling, ID 05/12/2018
3109890713 I like the product and the price: value based item

Ajanta Naidu, CA 05/11/2018
I bought two packs because the pack stated a 3rd package FREE, AND a FREE Eyecare Assessory...I want Number 1. Eyewear Assessory Kit AND 1 year limited warranty. Just bought them, they seem to be good quality purchases, inmy strength.

Lilae Shope, PA 05/10/2018
Great eyewear. Been buying this brand 10 years or more. Thanks, Howard

Howard Reichbach, NJ 05/10/2018
Good quality, great value.

james spooner, AL 05/10/2018
I love these glasses because they are very sturdy

Naomi GREGORY, NJ 05/09/2018
These are the only glasses I buy. I love them.

Richard Gray, TX 05/07/2018
Great Product!

John Knepley, FL 05/06/2018
I love Optx 20/20. I frequently lose/misplace my readers and am lost without them. I love that I can buy a 3 pk at a very reasonable price. I have glasses stationed all over my house to ensure there will be a pair ready when I need it.

Wendi Cortez, TX 05/04/2018
Like the value of your glasses, however it seems that the screws do not stay in the stems very well

Jo Wisniewski, WI 05/04/2018
Awesome glasses!! Very worthy of the price!!!!!

Kevin Hagenow, WI 05/03/2018
good quality/good price.

Julie Cason, SC 05/03/2018
7574889481 wonderful products!

Andrew Sergent, VA 05/02/2018
This is the only brand I purchase when needing new glasses!

Debbie Charlie, LA 05/01/2018
great product

mary munsch, KS 05/01/2018
Love this product

Mary Munsch, 05/01/2018
love this product

mary munsch, KS 04/30/2018
Love the product

Mary Munsch, 04/30/2018
I like using these as opposed to bifocals at this season of my vision. I think they are a good value for both my husband and I. Unfortunately we just fall under that category of life where you need a pair wherever you are. LOL!

Susan Vegt, MN 04/29/2018
Ill try anything once

Roy Tamargo, NJ 04/28/2018
if its for free...its for me!

Pamela Tamargo, NJ 04/27/2018
Fine produce and offer.

Nicholas Tamargo, NJ 04/27/2018
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