Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
You have a product that works well and is priced to sell. Keep up the good work!!!

ernie spell, NJ 02/19/2018
Wish the hinges are stronger

phung nguyen, TX 02/18/2018
your glasses could use spring frames

squinty malone, MI 02/18/2018
Pretty satisfied for the quality versus the cost of these glasses. The only weak point appears to be the weakness of the joint that connects with a screw. All my previous pairs have broken on the leg section at this joint. However, for the price the longevity is fairly adequate.

Mark clements, MO 02/18/2018
I love these glasses better than my prescription pair! No distortion, no adjustment and the design is very professional. I am going to Mt Everest in April and plan to take my new pack you are sending me along!!!

LESLIE WILLS, PA 02/18/2018
Have been using your products for a long time. Can't beat the quality and value.

John Jamison, MO 02/17/2018
4 Pack Readers - Russel-Basic Colors is the style i am requesting

lee timmons, KS 02/17/2018
Nice sturdy frames and a comfortable fit.

Romeo Jaranilla, FL 02/17/2018
Nice sturdy frames and a comfortable fit.

Romeo Jaranilla, FL 02/17/2018
I am having to redo this for the 3rd & last time. I bought two 3 packs and have receipt. I may not still have one of the packs for the UPC but you can see on receipt that I bought. Actually this is our 3rd pack. My husband bought the 1st pack and I loved them. I also cannot find the warranty information for the glasses, please help!

Sheila Hebert, LA 02/16/2018
I find the optx 2020 vogue readers very comfortable and stylish.

Carlena Lassiter, MI 02/15/2018
Thank you for buy 2 get another!!!!

STEPHEN POWER, TX 02/15/2018
we cant afford the eye doctor only for ck ups on diabetes because they are free but cant afford anytype of glasses thank you for having nice ones and at a good price

Don Adams, TN 02/13/2018
Great products. They are the only glasses that I buy

usBrad Winegar, TX 02/12/2018
Attn: Dinora, I am requesting a set of Hyper readers in +1.75 as the buy 2 get one gift.. Miguel A Granados 3702 Rolling Green Dr., Apt. 6101 Abilene, TX 79606 (325)603-6630

Miguel Granados , TX 02/12/2018
Bought 2 - 3 packs. Within 1st week one pair had a lens that cracked along the edge. Did not drop them so I am not sure why they cracked.

Ronald Thomaswick, GA 02/11/2018
great value i use them everyday

James Fry, MI 02/07/2018
Love these reading glasses and a price and I can afford. Have bought them for years but either threw the UPC bar code away or the copy of my sales receipt

Donna Weidema, AR 02/07/2018
I love these glasses, they are very comfortable. The only complaint I have is the arms break off. Also, the lenses scratch easily....but, they are the only readers I will buy as they are so comfortable.

Sonya Markham, ME 02/05/2018
I love these glasses. Been buying them for years. I had a hard time finding them this time because they moved them from the pharmacy dept to the clothing dept.

Kevin Just, CT 02/04/2018
great product heavy duty

michael gulino, TX 02/02/2018
Glasses work great, if they get bent I just bend them back. Keep up the good work. Art

Art St.Germain, WA 02/01/2018
I started out with the 1.25 10 years ago, went right up the scale to 3.00. I'm 74 years old on a fixed income barely able to meet monthly expenses. the price of the Optx 20/20 has allowed me to always have reading glasses handy, I probably have bought 25-30 sets over the years. Thank you for an affordable product.

John Nelson, AL 02/01/2018
No special instructions.

Romeo Jaranilla, FL 02/01/2018
These glasses are really fun and amazingly well made! Thanks for making them so affordable.

Christina McKinnon, AZ 01/31/2018
Like the free pair.

Alan Coyner, NV 01/31/2018
love the style and quality

Glenn Johnson, IL 01/31/2018
Very happy with purchase.

Vicki Hager, OH 01/31/2018
I love the Optix readers. I previously purchased the Hi-Tec style but found that the lens frequently break out and the plastic band at the bottom breaks, but I love the 3 packs so I just changed styles.

love the look and the lens is crisp and clear. also, very light weight. only glasses i like to wear for reading!!!

Harriann Beall, HI 01/30/2018
The glasses are great, except the screws do not stay in and come out or loosen up soon after you start wearing them. also, the glasses are not too durable. They are great because the price is good for the quality of the glasses

Anthony Campanello, OH 01/29/2018
great value

Kathryn Breese, CO 01/28/2018
great readers

paul clark, IN 01/28/2018
Great styles & price! Long lasting.

Michael Hunter, NM 01/27/2018
Your form didn't seem to allow for purchasing two different types of reading glasses. Hope I filled this out correctly

Kay Grimstad, WI 01/26/2018
I LOVE these reading glasses. They are extremely comfortable. The optics are good and the shape is low profile, so I can wear them and look over the top of them if I wish. Thank you for your great offer. I'm in the process of filling every spot in the house with a pair!

david kimbley, CO 01/26/2018
great value for the price!

curt joachimi, KY 01/24/2018
Glasses are great.

Robert Barrett, OH 01/23/2018
I've probably bought 8 packs of these glasses. They fix well they're comfortable and although they are listed as a Men's glass style they are suitable for men or women

Love the readers

Jon Penwitt, MI 01/23/2018
Works great with great price! Thanks!

Laura Brown, TX 01/22/2018
The glasses are so affordable & stylish! My husband & I both wear them.

Barrie Whitaker, ID 01/22/2018
I like them very clear lens.

Diana cruz, FL 01/22/2018
This is my free pair

Mitzi Weaver, AL 01/20/2018
I have loved all the readers I have purchased.

Phyllis Evans, MO 01/19/2018
good product

Steven becker, WI 01/18/2018
My husband likes the glasses. They are the only ones he likes me to get for him.

Lori Lodge, IL 01/18/2018
These are so very comfortable and great quality

Mary Parkes, IL 01/17/2018
Just a little small for my head. but I mend them to fit. Thank You

Richard Fabian, OK 01/16/2018
It is nice to get a good quality set for a decent price. Thank you!

Donna Moquin, FL 01/15/2018
7016402239 Great Value

Rick Muehler, ND 01/15/2018
These glasses are extremely comfortable and durable and do the job for me!

Lisa Hanson, NJ 01/14/2018
I love my Optx 20/20 Readers but wish the hinges were more durable. (The hinges break so easily and so often that I go through about a pair a month.) That having been said, would this be something that would be covered under your 1-Year Limited Warranty? (I just discovered my Optx 20/20 Readers come with a warranty.)

Rick Yalem, CA 01/13/2018
I like the "half" frame glasses best. I'm a builder and they are easy to look down and see details, look up and see the big picture. These are my favorites.

Rebecca Anderson, ID 01/13/2018
I like the quality, durability, and price of these glasses.

Troy Brewer, TN 01/13/2018
I like the readers. Wish you would also consider three packs of the same color - eg 3 x gold rather than three different colors

Jackie Tripp, GA 01/12/2018
Have bought many times. excellent value. only problem is screws loosen and fall out sometimes. could use some loctite.

ralph Philpot, LA 01/11/2018
All this paperwork is a pain to fill out...

Kimberlee Cavazos , TX 01/10/2018
I have used these readers for more than 10 years. I have always been satisfied with the corrected vision, fit, comfort, and durability. I highly recommend these readers.

Nathan Thach, TN 01/08/2018

JUDY COFFMAN, OH 01/06/2018
Been using these for years. I always lose them before they wear out.

Ron Muller, TX 01/04/2018
Very reasonable price for glasses that I will loose.

jeff Gatten, KY 01/03/2018
step 2 and 3 pull down menus did not list the 3-pack readers I bought. I would like a free 3-pack of either 070886281379H or 070886280027H. Disregard the pull down menu choices for steps 2 & 3. Thanks! Great offer

Al Fischer, MO 01/03/2018
These glasses are good and I appreciate the Free pair if buying two

Laura Truelove, NC 01/03/2018
glasses are great. checkout is frustrating.

patti ochs, PA 01/02/2018
great readers for my wife AnnA and myself

Rich Carpenter, CA 01/01/2018
Best glasses for the price ..

Like the glasses

Brenda Hansen, TX 12/31/2017
Good value. I have pairs around my house and on my desk at work.

Loria Richardson, TN 12/30/2017
Light weight, and look like regular glasses instead of some plastic nightmare like most. Budget friendly too! So glad I have found this brand.

Barbarar Fleshman, OH 12/30/2017
I bought optxAlloy2 3pk +1.25 about 1year ago at Walmart. All of 3 glasses lens had broken easily.

Anthony Hong, FL 12/29/2017
Your models have changed over the years some batches are better than others, but for the price they are pretty good. One pair that I just bought, the stem is bent off center so when you place it on the counter it is obvious it is not level and thus wears on your face off level.

Kelly Hoskins, NE 12/29/2017
I bought one Alloy (553818125) and one Vogue (553818139). Both +200. You only have one drop down for the purchase so I cannot list both using the drop down. Unless I have to buy two of the same, you need to add another drop down for purchases.

Dioscoro Quilaton, CA 12/29/2017
Best buy on the market

Barry Farrell, CA 12/29/2017
I love the 3-pairs. I have OPTX readers all over and love every pair of them.

Robert Hochstetler, SC 12/29/2017
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