Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
I love these plastic readers. Good quality and no allergies to metals.

Wish you still had the Fashion Reader glasses They were the best .... please bring them back!

Kathie Miller , WI 11/21/2017
comfortable and durable

Michael Gawel, NJ 11/19/2017
Love these. Buy these for myself and my friends.

John Rouke, NY 11/19/2017
I have enjoyed your readers for years. My only complaint is that that last time I submitted the items necessary for the free 3pk, I did not receive them. Otherwise thank you for a great product.

Glenn Kornegay, AL 11/17/2017
Great glasses

Peggy Wright, IN 11/17/2017
I love these lightweight glasses that stay on my face even if i look down or bend forward.

Karen Cutrer, TX 11/16/2017
Great eyeglasses at a great price

Paul Garner, TX 11/15/2017
Good value, purchased at Walmart.

Diane Buckland, NJ 11/14/2017
good, sturdy readers

Jc Kletter, WV 11/12/2017
great glasses I use them all the time

Dave Andrews, FL 11/12/2017
They seem to be of good quality, but time will tell. The price was quite reasonable, so if they fail, I have back-ups!

Tom Wachs, FL 11/12/2017
Great work glasses, and back-up for the cars and my bike. Allows me to keep the expensive reading glasses at home, as I tend to set misplace my glasses as the day goes on.

GARY HUBER, MO 11/11/2017
Good Quality at a reasonable price

Diane Sandel, NV 11/11/2017
These readers have been great! They are very good quality and easy on the eyes! I'm always misplacing my glasses so I like to have several pair in reserve for backup.To sum it up, Very good quality and very reasonable price!! Thank you!

wayne lamb, SC 11/11/2017
Hi, I think the glasses are great. Very durable. Just wish the 3 pack would come with the same frame color. I don't care for the chrome colored ones that came in 3 pack.

BRUCE Mills, NH 11/10/2017
great products

Terry Adkins, WV 11/10/2017
nice readers for the price

donna preisendorf, NE 11/09/2017
Best quality readers for the price. Durable and Clear!

DENNIS DIXON, GA 11/09/2017
Love the product and the price!

Elizabeth Tung, MD 11/09/2017
I'm rough on my glasses and go through several pairs a year. Your product is very affordable and gives the best bang for the buck

wayne heilbrun, VA 11/09/2017
Love them! Won't use anything else!

Diane Peck, UT 11/09/2017
Love these glasses!

Patti Redrup, PA 11/08/2017
The other package barcode was 553818156 thanks it would only let me scroll down and only pick one

glenn heiert, KY 11/07/2017
Thanks for adding the strength in the lower left corner, it is nice to know when I pick up a pair that they are the strength I need

Dianna Boykin, NY 11/06/2017
Great Product at a great price.

Vince Biondo, CA 11/06/2017
Great glasses!!

Carlos Jerez, NC 11/05/2017
I wear your readers every day. They are quality products at a reasonable price.

DAVID GOFF, OK 11/05/2017
Love your product used these for years

Debi Wade, WA 11/05/2017
I have at least 9 to 12 pair of these reader around at all times, I have been using you readers for years and finally decided to take advantage of your offers and warranty

Debi Wade, WA 11/05/2017
nice use all the time

Carolyn DeFalco, NJ 11/03/2017
nice glasses

donald hamilton, OH 11/02/2017
nice glasses

donald hamilton, OH 11/02/2017
The 553818190 250s were blurry on the sides. The 163s are much better.

Angelo Oliverio, OK 11/02/2017
Keep up the great work! It would be nice to have a good selection of sunglass readers.

Patricia D'Amario, VA 11/02/2017
Good sturdy reading glasses.

William Chandler, CA 11/01/2017
These continue to be my "go to" glasses when I don't want to wear my trifocals.

Kim Brown, MO 11/01/2017
I love these reading glasses. They fit my face perfectly, are clear and affordable.

Patty Kapit, CO 10/31/2017
These glasses are great!! Both my husband and I are VERY pleased. Your website is confusing, I'm not sure what page I have to print for the buy 2 get one free.

Cindy Rodgers, MA 10/31/2017
price & product design were appealing

john kicinski, CT 10/30/2017
I like how light they are. Very comfortable, all one solid piece.

Jack Cecola, TX 10/30/2017
I like the look, fit, and feel of your reading glasses. I buy them many at the time from Wal Mart. Unfortunately they easily break and need to be made more durable. The last time I inquired about a PP return label (under registered warranty) I was not treated fairly. :(

Howard Murray, NC 10/30/2017
Exceptional value.

mark Smith, MO 10/30/2017
The only kind I will purchased, very satisfied.

scott engle, PA 10/29/2017
Wish there was a link to look at the free product. Not user friendly.

Paul Grzeskowiak, NY 10/28/2017
Nice Product, Nice Price, I recommend this product to my friends

Luis Servan, CT 10/28/2017
I use optx readers daily. I usually have a pair on and several extras about areas that I frequent. They come in several styles, and they are inexpensive. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Harvey Hicks, MS 10/28/2017
I love the way these glasses hold up!

Dave Schepmann, OH 10/27/2017
great value

Dianne Obermann, WI 10/26/2017
Great readers.

Patricia Umbehauer, PA 10/26/2017
I am happy that I get to warranty these, I love the glasses but occassionaly they do break.

Cathleen Williamson, UT 10/25/2017
My husband has been wearing these for years-great value and wonderful to have in multiple places so we are never searching for his glasses

Roxanne True, KY 10/24/2017
my dad uses these and someone borrowed them and loves them so much that they asked me to go buy them their own packs. we are using the great buy 2 get one offer to get a pack with a higher reader level to see if we need to go up a level! thanks for the great offer and product.

Sarah Rouke, NY 10/24/2017
great product.

Agnes Leonard, PA 10/23/2017
a very affordable product

allen Matthews, AZ 10/22/2017
Love your glasses! I recommend them to all my friends

renee brinton, NC 10/19/2017
love the product/price savings

ralph williams, AR 10/19/2017
Great product.

Mark Ojeda, CA 10/19/2017
I like how the glasses fix. They are the only brand I buy

Richard Gray, TX 10/19/2017
We use these glasses all the time

Penny Lindamood, WV 10/18/2017
Love the glasses but the color comes off

Margaret Thomas, FL 10/18/2017
I like this style - it doesn't pinch and is distortion free.

j morris, NE 10/18/2017
so far i like them. we'll see how long they hold up.

Karen Leenig, FL 10/17/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision Hello.if some of these do not qualify anymore for a free pack because it's been a long time since I purchased them please let me know. thanks

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
Great readers. I am very hard on my glasses. These are very sturdy. Thank you

Manuel Cabral, MA 10/16/2017
I am happy with your product.

Henry Chambers, KY 10/16/2017
Great glasses,great price.

Millie Hughes, AR 10/16/2017
Bought for my wife. I liked mine so well she agreed to try yours. The price + free offer was icing on the cake. Thanks!

Paul Komar, IL 10/15/2017
Hate having to wear them but love the product you make available for a great price.

Gary Amerson, AL 10/15/2017
Please use power 4.00 3pk classic readers plastic, which was not listed. You have provided this two times in the past. Thank you. .

Wanda burdett, IL 10/15/2017
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