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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
Free Standard USPS Shipping on all orders over $25 (USA, APO, FPO orders ONLY) Kilimanjaro Overglass Sunglass
Kilimanjaro EcoClear® Overglasses Sunglasses

Kilimanjaro Overglass Sunglass
EcoClear® Kilimanjaro Overglasses/Sunglasses are designed to fit over your prescription eyeglasses.  They are stylish, lightweight, durable, and provide maximum protection for even the most sensitive eyes. 

EyeDefend® IRUVIUM
™ 1000 proprietary lens technology protects you from 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light.  This UV1000 label blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 1000 Nanometers!  This is particularly helpful for people who suffer from chronic eye problems. 

If your sun lens fails to block near infrared light, it can be absorbed by your cornea!  This can cause irritation, redness, or other problems.  More importantly, a good portion of near infrared radiation penetrates the ocular media and is focused on the retina at the rear of the eye.  This leads to photochemical light damage that cannot be felt because there are no pain sensors in the retina.

Infrared rays can be especially discomforting if you wear contact lenses.  When you sun lenses fail to block infrared light, it can be absorbed by your contacts, causing them to warm up and DRY OUT.

Both lens Colors have a Luminous Transmittance Value = 19% (TV) which means the lens blocks 99.9% of all reflected glare while allowing 19% of visible light to pass through to your eye. Additional advantages for Lotus tinted lenses are in the hot summer, they can help reduce the intensive light outside and color combination (light copper + medium rose tint) has been proven to be the ultimate driving lens.

  • Blocks 99.9% - 100% UVA, UVB, & Infrared light
  • Streamlined, contemporary styling designed to fit over your prescription glasses
  • Frames are constructed of durable, lightweight EcoClear®  Bio-Based Material
  • Superior optics and durability
  • Available in:
    • Shiny Tortoise - WB19  Solid Brown 19% TV 
    • Matte Tortoise -  WB19  Solid Brown 19% TV 
    • Shiny Black - WB19  Solid Brown 19% TV
    • Shiny Black - WO19IR   Solid Lotus  19% TV (Driving Lens) 

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1. Jason on 10/7/2013, said:

Not as big and bulky as others I have purchased in the past... Lenses are real nice.. feel very soothing on the eyes!
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