Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
Great glasses for the Price I must loose a pair a week, and without Readers I cant read my Cell phone, so the 3Pk is great that gives me about 1 months worth of Glasses. Thx Dan S

Dan Swearingen, CA 10/17/2018
good product, great price!

robert evans, WA 10/05/2018
I love your glasses i have many pairs in the car office and at home.

John Venini, NY 10/05/2018
I would also like to express my disappointment with the Heritage set that I bought. As I work on a ranch, I thought the plastic frames would be better when I am perspiring while feeding cattle and doing other chores here in Texas. Well the first pair did not even last one day before the screw came out and the pair fell apart. Luckily I had one of the metal pairs in the truck. When I got home, I put another screw in and unfortunately, that screw did not stay in long and the pair came apart again. I went back to a metal pair for a while and then I thought I would try the Heritage again. The next pair I lost while in the pasture while feeding after I had replace the screws in it twice. The third pair had the frame crack and the lens fell out I realize that I may have dropped it but the other 2 pairs survived being dropped. So they were not sturdy at all since I drop the metal frame ones all the time and the last a few months I usually do not replace them until the lens are scratched so that it bothers my sight.

Connie Krause, TX 09/30/2018
My husband tried your glasses for the first time and he did not like them as they did not have the spring hinges like the ones he usually got from Sam's Club. I however like them and will continue to use them.

Connie Krause, TX 09/30/2018
They scratch easily

Robert Williams, FL 09/28/2018
i bought these glasses for my husband, i hope it work better and last a little longer than the ones from costco. They are much, much cheaper too.

rose ranchez, CA 09/26/2018
Great Product great price, Just wish I could hang onto them, or breaking them due to falling off my face all the time while working.

Dan Swearingen, CA 09/25/2018
Love ur readers!

Paul Colton, TX 09/23/2018
Great product and great price.

Jack Parmater, GA 09/22/2018
I have been very happy with this product.

Janice Nason, CA 09/22/2018
Love these glasses, easy to care for and they look good on

Sandi Wagner, WA 09/19/2018
Still love them - been using for over 6 yrs now. Referred many people to your products. Have broken a few pairs over the years and mostly loose them. Great value.

Dan Beam, NC 09/15/2018
Good product. Fair price.

William Salmon, WA 09/11/2018
After giving a number of my siblings a pair to try they now use these as you can have them scattered every where for a minamal cost. (Car, kitchen, office, bedroom, backpack, garage, TV room by remote, purse, extra in suit case in case the break.) I take the bows off it they break and use them to repair another pair. Yes they break sometimes but at least they are affordable. I have been buying them for many years and sometimes find some in places I forgot I has them. I will continue buying for a long time. I would like to see the hinge bows as I fall asleep reading. Even if it cost an extra $1 or $2.

Michelle Vilhauer, SD 09/05/2018
Very happy with the style and durability for the price.

William Henderson, MO 09/01/2018
bought these for home and office. They seem to be very sturdy and well built.

Anthony Gosdin, AL 08/29/2018
Great glasses

Doug Loftis, GA 08/28/2018
I always trust the quality of OPTX 20/20.

Hoan Nguyen, TX 08/28/2018
This is probably my 8th set of your glasses. I love them because they are lightweight and inexpensive, plus they look great.

betsy begens, FL 08/27/2018
I bought the first set of glasses because I've been having trouble with other reading glasses and the value was good so I tried them. By far the clearest lenses and not distorting as some others.

Sharon Davis, AL 08/23/2018
Great product at a reasonable price. Very well constructed. I own many pairs without ever a problem.

Brian Nadig, NC 08/16/2018
Please use durable packaging, ensuring the integrity of the package is not compromised. Thank you.

A Jones, TX 08/15/2018
I will not buy these glasses anymore...the lenses scratch too easy and the arms break off.

Sheila Hebert, LA 08/15/2018
I've bought abut 7 three packs so far. Thank you.

Ray Bayliss, NY 08/12/2018
My husband uses these glasses all the time and we appreciate the 3 packs

Jodi Egan, TX 08/12/2018
So far so good but the frames are a little tight but not uncomfortable.

Edward Lane, VA 08/11/2018
Nice if the arms were a little longer on the size I ordered.

David Jansen, SC 08/11/2018
I would like a 3 pack of any plastic glasses strength 3.50. Either Tradition 3.50 or Opto-Classic 3.50 would be fine. I didn't have this option on your website. 3.00 isn't quite strong enough when I lie down to read, but if I don't have that option, 3.00's will do it Your glasses are scratch resistant and inexpensive for someone who loses or breaks their reading glasses. Good warranty too, but if they fail it's my fault. I have found them to be as excellent value, better than Sams's Club or Costco. I have been wearing them ever since someone told me about them. Thank you.

Jim Ostrander, FL 08/10/2018
I love your reading glasses, they are inexpensive and a very good product.

Reva Stolpe, AZ 08/10/2018
I like the Optx brand, the glasses are reasonably priced and the metal frames last quite a while. If they get out out of shape, I usually just bend them back into place.

John DeBolt, TX 08/08/2018
My OPTX readers work like a charm and the price is right! I now have 7 pair and am looking forward to another 3 pack. They always hide on me!

Mike Fagan, MO 08/08/2018
I like the tradition frames better than the alloy

Mike Walker, SC 08/07/2018
I really enjoy your readers. I hope I selected the right product, I need 2.5 strength and like the faux tortishell frames. Thanks

Laura Evans, TX 08/06/2018
I think your readers are great I have pairs in many rooms at home and at work

Neil Gross, PA 08/05/2018
thanks for this free offer. I love your readers! They are lightweight but durable and reliable.

Victoria Negro, PA 08/03/2018
Very good reading glasses. I really like it

Srikrishna Kotta, VA 07/31/2018
Great glasses

Chris Rosenlund, PA 07/30/2018
Excellent value!

Werner Golling, KS 07/30/2018
Good readers for a great price!

Larry Owings, OR 07/28/2018
been using for years

Terry Adkins, WV 07/27/2018
7704689505 Love the products

Richard Duncan, GA 07/25/2018
Great price, great product.

Chris Rohr, OH 07/24/2018
great,affordable readers

joe golubski, KS 07/22/2018
These glasses held up well so far.

Bryan Hartnagel, MO 07/22/2018
Love these glasses. Very light weight. Can barely feel them while wearing them.

Tkank you!!!!

Jesus Verduzco, NM 07/17/2018
Love these glasses.

Les Milam, FL 07/17/2018
A great product at a great price. They are all I use.

Gary Pavelka, IL 07/17/2018
Good product at reasonable price.

Trista Singleton, MS 07/16/2018
I purchased ClassicReader 3pk in the past & wanted to replace them. Had difficulty finding same style/fit but finally found OptxClassic Timeless style (4022396) that is very similar but slightly heavier. I also purchased the OptxTradition but returned them in favor of the Classic. The Classic style is not listed above so I substituted Tradition as it is very similar. Classic packaging does indicate buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Elaine Rinehimer, IL 07/16/2018
Love these light weight glasses!!!

Cynthia Joseph , NV 07/15/2018
I use these daily and have for several years. They're inexpensive and work perfectly for me. I keep several pair laying around the places I frequent.

Harvey Hicks, MS 07/15/2018
These glasses are the best. I have multiple pairs and strengths all over my house, even in the basement and bathroom!

Leigh Kademenos, OH 07/14/2018
I could not find the item # (563030853) of the glasses I actually purchased. They are of the frame style of the 3 pair valupac of the tradion. heritage, or prime as listed in your selection of 300 strength readers. These were purchased for my mother, not me; so I am forwarding this request in the same envelope as my request for a free pair of glasses. You may mail both mine and hers in the same package and to my address, and I will deliver them to her. If possible, I would like her to receive the same type (563030853) as I purchased, but any valupac as listed above will suffice.

diane richter, LA 07/14/2018
the supply of optx 20/20 3-pack of readers at Walmart in Minden, Louisiana, seems to be very low. I bought the last two in the strength of 250.

diane richter, LA 07/13/2018
like the convenience of 3 packs.

mary slade, MS 07/12/2018
I like the wire rims and the feel of them. They work well with my eyes.

Elvin Borg, WA 07/10/2018
Love colors and cat eye shape

Rosemary Colley , KY 07/10/2018
I love these glasses! I prefer the Basic colored pack but when I place orders through you or Walmart I receive the Fashion colors pack. What is the item number for the basic color pack so I can make sure I receive the right one. Thank you!

Great price for three sets of reading glasses. I keep a pair in every room which is very convenient.

Samson Tucker, VA 06/28/2018
They work great.

David Woods, NC 06/28/2018
Love my new glasses. Purchased from Walmart. Comfortable and easy to use.

Laura Bauer, VA 06/27/2018
I have purchased various styles over the years....I am pleased with all the readers, and well worth the money.

Linda Grundy, IL 06/26/2018
Love your glasses

Jenny Hemminger, PA 06/23/2018
Great glasses for the price. Love the buy 2 get 1 free.

Robin Bowen, WV 06/22/2018
Thanks for the offer!!!!

STEPHEN POWER, TX 06/21/2018
I love the OPTX 2020 products! They last longer than any others I've tried.

Roxanne Banks, TX 06/21/2018
Perfect size and shape. Wish they came in a dark blue.

Becky Hewitt, FL 06/20/2018
lightweight. very comfortable

evelyn yount, WA 06/20/2018
I really like that your glasses are stylish and economical...and they also help me to read. I've been buying them for many years.

John Mertz, NE 06/20/2018
The Glasses are a great value. The process to obtain this free offer is extremely difficult and almost impossible to follow.

Gerry Lington, TX 06/19/2018
9545574630 I have purchased several 3-paks over the years. I enjoy the quality of the glasses and the convenience of having glasses throughout the house whenever and wherever needed: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, etc.!! They are a great price and if I lose or break a pair I have another at the ready.

Richard Ducham, FL 06/19/2018
Great Glasses, been using them for years now.

Tim Hopkins, FL 06/17/2018
We are continuously purchasing your glasses. They are affordable and there is no stress when my husband says he lost yet another pair on a jobsite.

Melissa Locey, TX 06/11/2018
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