Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
9545574630 I have purchased several 3-paks over the years. I enjoy the quality of the glasses and the convenience of having glasses throughout the house whenever and wherever needed: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, etc.!! They are a great price and if I lose or break a pair I have another at the ready.

Richard Ducham, FL 06/19/2018
Great Glasses, been using them for years now.

Tim Hopkins, FL 06/17/2018
We are continuously purchasing your glasses. They are affordable and there is no stress when my husband says he lost yet another pair on a jobsite.

Melissa Locey, TX 06/11/2018
The first 3 set I bought I believed they had very good lenses, I showed my Eye Doctor he agreed the lenses were very good and asked me for the brand which I shared.

Loretta Speckman, NY 06/10/2018
Could I get the contemporary look 1.50 3 pack or the vogue 1.50 3 pack as my free ones? I need lightweight and able to see over them when I walk. Thank you, Karen

Karen Cutrer, TX 06/09/2018
Could I please get contemporary look 1.50 3 pack or vogue 1.50 3 pack for my free ones? I need lightweight and able to see over when i walk. Thank you, Karen

Karen Cutrer, TX 06/09/2018
This model fits well on my face

B Hoenecke, WI 06/04/2018
I use these all the time, I keep spares at church, in car, on boat, in bathroom.

Glenn Bellows, TX 06/03/2018
Great product

David Thomas, NY 06/01/2018
Good value.

Thomas Filpus, GA 06/01/2018
I bought these and then went back to the store & purchased the second set. 250 OPTXRETRO 3PK - 553818144

Joseph Purr, PA 05/29/2018
Good quality, great value.

james spooner, AL 05/28/2018
It was very difficult to navigate this site, but finally I figured it out.

Judy schweppe, CO 05/25/2018
work great for a great price

Debbie Gusler, MI 05/21/2018
I've been using OPTX for years since the first 150's I bought. Now using 200's with the plastic frame, as they are easier on the bridge of my nose. Great product.

GARY HUBER, MO 05/19/2018
Love the look and price of the glasses. Great value. Great look.

Russell Breitfelder, OH 05/18/2018
great product wish they were more scratch proof.

Philip Fermo, IL 05/18/2018
I like the style, look and feel.

Carlos Morales, TX 05/18/2018
We hope you continue to carry these OPTX 20/20 3 packs. We had a hard time finding them at Walmart. We would like you to expand beyond +3.00 into higher magnification. Sad, but true.

Debi Winland, OH 05/16/2018
excelent products

javier sanchez, TN 05/16/2018
Thank you for a good value product and a fair price.

Donald Minervino, FL 05/16/2018

I tried a few other glasses, and found these the best for my eyes. I would like to continue to use the same glasses in future as well.

Priyadershan Beeravol, GA 05/15/2018
I wanted the carry case for you pocket.

Thomas Biddlecome, CA 05/13/2018
I never wore glasses until I needed reading glasses. These serve me well.

Ron Williams, OH 05/12/2018
I like to wear my glasses down on my nose so that I can see outward when I am not reading. But, 250 OPTXRETRO an the 250 optxTradition cause the page, especially a computer page to waver when I move my head. It is quite disturbing. I have purchased these types glasses before, and worn them as described above with no problem. Please advise. Thank you.

james menna, NY 05/12/2018
Hey, Good Deal, but you don't make it easy for us elderly!

Edna Schilling, ID 05/12/2018
3109890713 I like the product and the price: value based item

Ajanta Naidu, CA 05/11/2018
I bought two packs because the pack stated a 3rd package FREE, AND a FREE Eyecare Assessory...I want Number 1. Eyewear Assessory Kit AND 1 year limited warranty. Just bought them, they seem to be good quality purchases, inmy strength.

Lilae Shope, PA 05/10/2018
Great eyewear. Been buying this brand 10 years or more. Thanks, Howard

Howard Reichbach, NJ 05/10/2018
Good quality, great value.

james spooner, AL 05/10/2018
I love these glasses because they are very sturdy

Naomi GREGORY, NJ 05/09/2018
These are the only glasses I buy. I love them.

Richard Gray, TX 05/07/2018
Great Product!

John Knepley, FL 05/06/2018
I love Optx 20/20. I frequently lose/misplace my readers and am lost without them. I love that I can buy a 3 pk at a very reasonable price. I have glasses stationed all over my house to ensure there will be a pair ready when I need it.

Wendi Cortez, TX 05/04/2018
Like the value of your glasses, however it seems that the screws do not stay in the stems very well

Jo Wisniewski, WI 05/04/2018
Awesome glasses!! Very worthy of the price!!!!!

Kevin Hagenow, WI 05/03/2018
good quality/good price.

Julie Cason, SC 05/03/2018
7574889481 wonderful products!

Andrew Sergent, VA 05/02/2018
This is the only brand I purchase when needing new glasses!

Debbie Charlie, LA 05/01/2018
great product

mary munsch, KS 05/01/2018
Love this product

Mary Munsch, 05/01/2018
love this product

mary munsch, KS 04/30/2018
Love the product

Mary Munsch, 04/30/2018
I like using these as opposed to bifocals at this season of my vision. I think they are a good value for both my husband and I. Unfortunately we just fall under that category of life where you need a pair wherever you are. LOL!

Susan Vegt, MN 04/29/2018
Ill try anything once

Roy Tamargo, NJ 04/28/2018
if its for free...its for me!

Pamela Tamargo, NJ 04/27/2018
Fine produce and offer.

Nicholas Tamargo, NJ 04/27/2018
Great products. I have been using them for years.

Mark Ojeda, CA 04/26/2018
light weight, attractive, affordable

Jose Narcio, TN 04/22/2018
Handy to have around.

Tina Tennison, IL 04/22/2018
These are perfectly styled and I use them everyday and have different magnifications for every need...

Signe Thompson, AZ 04/22/2018
I use your glasses as readers all the time whenever reading or wherever there's small print. Your glasses are clear and well-made and greatly facilitate reading and seeing with accuracy. They are lightweight and easily portable. Also, they are very affordable. I have extra pairs on hand to give to others, and they always respond immediately with how much better they can then see small print. Thank you for making this fine product available to all of us!

Mary Ann Seward, NY 04/20/2018
Please send me the 4 pack Kendra ladies reading glasses, 2.00 magnification.

Ella Nayar, FL 04/19/2018
Please send the Kendra womens 4 pack reading glasses, 2.00 magnification.

Ella Nayar, FL 04/19/2018
I have these glasses everywhere!

Cathy Shipp, OH 04/19/2018
I purchased 4 pairs of OPTX-20/20 reading glasses 3 pk 300 ITEM #74340 05 FROM AMAZON...and it had the buy 2 get 1 free offer. The above "choose your free product" does NOT HAVE LISTED THE reading glasses that I purchased which is just like the picture you show on this page item number #74340 05 ....on the package it did NOT HAVE A UPC BAR CODE. I will send you the insert that came with it. I purchased 4 pair on purpose to get 2 free. I hope you will honor my purchase and I hope to get the Readers set of 3 #300 item 74340 05 Email me if you have any questions: peases8@gmail.com

Delon Pease, AZ 04/18/2018
Great product

Mike Kenney, MI 04/18/2018
Good value.

Charles Mallar, NH 04/18/2018
Glasses are great, light weight AND sturdy!!

James Hoover, MI 04/13/2018
I like the price and durability

David Lauten, CO 04/11/2018
I keep coming back to your products. They are a perfect fit for my smaller head and very reasonably priced.

Anne Roof, SC 04/11/2018
Awesome glasses and may choices!!

thomas Linkoski, PA 04/10/2018
Like special offer

george meldrum, NY 04/10/2018
Good product

Bob Toepler, FL 04/07/2018
Great products

keith James, LA 04/07/2018
I prefer the 18138. Only one package was available so I purchased one package of 18138 and on package 18190. Receipt will be mailed.

Evelyn Salter, GA 04/06/2018
I would not try any other product. OPTX 20/20 is the best on the market

Jeff Albert, IL 04/04/2018
These are the best readers that I have ever owned. They are an excellent value. It is clever molding the lens and frame in one shot like safety glasses.

Paul DeuPree, CA 04/02/2018
I really like this design, but would like to have more colors options.

Adriana Reynolds, MA 04/01/2018
Always appreciate the quality of your glasses for a great price.

John Sullivan, MA 03/29/2018
I liked your product and I purchased two of the three packs, one 150 and 175 Optxalloy. I misplaced the rebate documents until now so I hope you will still honor the purchase and the request for the buy two and get one. Thanks, John C. Mushaben

John Mushaben, OH 03/27/2018
I do a lot of work in my woodshop and these glasses are inexpensive, quality eyeglasses that allow me to see the most exacting measurements and easily read all of the building plans I find. I highly recommend them for people that need readers.

Dennis Nichols, CA 03/26/2018
Glasses are very comfortable and durable

Ricky Kellam, NC 03/26/2018
Great glasses for the price

Keith Fletcher, WY 03/26/2018
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