Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
Use these on a regular basis at home and at work. Excellent product.

Wayne Thompkins, MS 08/20/2017
Bought 5 packages of glasses to take to friends outside of country. Am I able to receive a free product of 400 range of power?

your product are awesome.

Dianne Obermann, WI 08/19/2017
Great glasses. Price and quality are great. Price is most important to me.

Martin Reeder, UT 08/19/2017
Good quality. Would buy again

David Pancake, NJ 08/18/2017
I think your product is a great deal. However, I find that the screws often come out, rendering them unusable.

Donald Phillips, NC 08/18/2017
I cannot remove the bar code from the package. It is taped down on plastic and I am unable to cut the plastic. This is so frustrating. If you would have printed the bar code on the paper inside the case it would have worked better.Also I am having difficulty finding a mailing address.

Rita Buschman, PA 08/18/2017
I just had cataract surgery and started wearing reading glasses. I am constantly losing them. Thank you for having value packs and this buy 2 get 1 free. It helps thus forgetful man. I bought 2 3 packs of glasses and should receive 2 cases but it won't allow me. Please HELP

Paul Haller, WV 08/17/2017
Have a pair for each room, great.

Bruce Raskin, FL 08/17/2017
Great glasses and great value!! Thank you!!

Mark Cardella, CA 08/16/2017
I use these all the time and no other's at all.

Colin Smith, IN 08/16/2017
In the past the frame stretch out.

Joe Maloney, MI 08/16/2017
They are very light to wear, great. It might be helpful to have the earpieces spring out so that they do not break.

Andrea Katz, PA 08/15/2017
Great glass.. made well!

debbie taylor, MD 08/15/2017
Great product that my husband and I both use!

Christina Evans, MT 08/15/2017
Great product, very comfortable and reasonable price

Lois Suski, WA 08/14/2017
Multiple pairs of reading glasses means a pair available whenever and wherever I need them. Thank you

Bob Krebs, OH 08/14/2017
Wonderful glasses.

Steve Pfleghaar, MN 08/13/2017
love your products. send some coupons too if you can

Rick Gruerio, CA 08/12/2017
Its perfect for reading so I bought a second set

Edward Caoili, HI 08/11/2017
These are my first reading glasses since cataract surgery. They fit comfortably on my face and are very clear in vision.

Mary Chandler, VA 08/11/2017
Thanks. Great glasses.

James Mireles, TX 08/10/2017
Great, light weight, economical.

Chas Kalinosky, GA 08/10/2017
Only one pair of your glasses has ever been to blurry to use. Thanks

susan peterson, NC 08/10/2017
Great product, Great price!

Adam Gonzales, TX 08/10/2017
really like these readers. Very light & durable. They hold up very well.

barb gyson, TN 08/09/2017
great glasses!

Patti Redrup, PA 08/09/2017
Sturdy and reliable

Mark Wilcox, NY 08/08/2017
Will be sending receipt and partial barcode. Package was accidently recycled.

Daniel Curole, LA 08/08/2017
I LOVE these reading glasses. They are inexpensive but of excellent quality.

Tammera Ward, DE 08/08/2017
Super good quality and price. Nice 3 pack offer!!!

DAVID LACOUR, PA 08/08/2017
Good product at a great price.

Rich Maier, IL 08/08/2017
I like the glasses and the buy 2 get 1 free is a great deal.

Bob Bollmann, OH 08/07/2017
Your products are the best! I would love it if you would offer glass instead of plastic.Plastic attracts dust like crazy

Feriba Grimes, AL 08/07/2017
Your products are the best! I would love it if you would offer glass instead of plastic.Plastic attracts dust like crazy

Feriba Grimes, AL 08/07/2017
good product for good value

steve johnson, GA 08/07/2017
Great design

We love these glasses! They're nice quality and inexpensive enough that we can sprinkle them around the house in places where we use them.

Scott Rankin, OH 08/07/2017
Love your products - both quality and cost.

Roger Ricker, TN 08/07/2017
It's great. I can see clearly now! FINALLY! Happy with my purchase.

Glenn Alex, CA 08/04/2017
I really like your readers. There are a great value for the price. They work well. Thanks, Larry

Larry McGuffin Jr, TX 08/04/2017
Good product for price.

Jack Cooper, AL 08/01/2017
I love these glasses! They were so comfortable I bought some for my sister and she loved them. I like the men's style better than the woman's but both are nice. Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell these anymore.

Linda Rooney, VA 08/01/2017
My husband goes through a lot of these glasses. He likes them but they tend to stretch out fast and arms get loose on them really fast

Dee Dee Murphy, AL 07/31/2017
I understood that I would receive Buy 2 get 1 free 3 pk of readers AND a free eye care accessory of my choice for registering. I picked the eyewear accessory kit but it isn't showing up on my checkout page.

Sherri Roberts, VA 07/30/2017
I like them.

Conrad Gatti, TX 07/29/2017
great product, been buying OPTX over 10 years.

Howard Reichbach, NJ 07/29/2017
I do like the style and they seem clear vision for reading.

Linda Moorhead, FL 07/28/2017
I am terrible about caring for glasses so this 3 pack serves my needs nicely.

Donald Dunn, NC 07/28/2017
The internal spring hinge support offers easier open and close, plus adds an element of sturdiness to the temples. Appreciate the smooth edge of the nose piece. Quality eyewear at an affordable price.

Alan Goode, FL 07/25/2017
first time buyer . like it great product . fully satisfied

maqsood charania, TX 07/25/2017
They are just what I needed for reading only.

Sharon Bower, WI 07/24/2017
I really like the style of these and the price is great.

Linda Caley, IN 07/24/2017
So far, I really like the quality for the price.

Kimberly Miller, MD 07/23/2017
Great product. Great price.

TODD WHITE, NC 07/22/2017
Not as strong and clear as I would have expected for getting a 200 when I usually get 175. So I chose a 250 for my free gift.

Donna Casso, NY 07/22/2017
Great styles/colors at a good price. Like the free offer, but quite complicated to execute. I'm 1/2 way thru the process & don't have high hopes for it going thru the first time. I think it's going to take quite a bit of time & attention in order to actually have a successful outcome

margaretanne mcjunkin, MO 07/21/2017
Great value for someone who loses their reading glasses frequently

Larry Everett, GA 07/21/2017
Great product and great prices.

Chuck Smithwick, NC 07/21/2017
I absolutely love the glasses. They work perfect for what I need them for. They are stylish and reasonably priced as well.

Mary Taylor, IL 07/20/2017
My husband and I love these glasses!

Shirnavaz Morelli, MD 07/19/2017
I like your products more than the reading glasses at the dollar store.

Charles Derry, CA 07/19/2017
Good optics at a reasonable price

Lou O, PA 07/18/2017
Great low price readers. I end up loosing them or destroying them in my job, so OPTX value pack is the best option for me!

James Hedleston, CT 07/18/2017
I love these glasses and get so many compliments on them, especially the pink ones! I do find that they break easily! It happens on every one of them. It's on the right bow at the connection where it bends to close. A little piece breaks off and then they don't stay straight on the head or work properly anymore.

Donna Mathieu, VT 07/18/2017
Nice glasses, one of them had the legs not working very quickly, would get loose and not stay on.

Ana Sanchez, IL 07/18/2017
These are great glasses. In a fence installer and put these thru hell!!

stephen macpherson, MA 07/17/2017
Great Value!

Richard Howard, CA 07/17/2017
I really like the styles available!

Teresa Kracht, NV 07/16/2017
Love your reading glasses. great glasses great value

Douglas Andrus, PA 07/15/2017
I have worn this brand and style since I had eye surgery a couple of years ago. They are lightweight and easy to wear. I have long hair, and I appreciate that the nose-piece is made into the frames, so that when I am not using my glasses I can push them onto the top of my head without my hair getting caught in the frames. I am seldom without my Optx2020 glasses.

Regina Pickering, MS 07/15/2017
we are very pleased with the glasses. we would recommend them.

helen checchio, NJ 07/15/2017
Best value for the money

ernie spell, NJ 07/14/2017
I could not find the second 3-pack "Keystone" in your list of what I purchased.

michael caruso, IL 07/14/2017
So far so good: great value, and nice having multiple pairs so I have glasses available wherever I am.

Jonathan Jones, FL 07/13/2017
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