Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
great value for the money. I go through a lot of glasses from loss or breakage and these are pretty tough. The only thing that could be improved are the hinge screws keep twisting out. I will continue to buy them.

Brent Stringfellow, UT 06/23/2017
Glasses are a great value and are extremely comfortable. Many varieties to choose from.

Louis Feuer, FL 06/23/2017
Great product at a fair price

John Call, OH 06/22/2017
I love the style, quality and durability of these readers.

Thomas Grier, AL 06/22/2017
I love the 3 pack's and your quality is great.

Timothy Roundy, CO 06/22/2017
I rely on these eyeglasses daily, Thank you.

Gary Kruger, TX 06/21/2017
8704056417 Just bought em'

Winston Wilcox, AR 06/21/2017
First time buyer - I lie the quality - I just hope they hold up to everyday use.

Chris Leonard, CA 06/21/2017
I'm glade to know, there was a yr warranty. I've been purchasing these for years and just throwing them away!! in a few months, when the get so cloudy. I guess, I should of read the fine print!!

Pamela Gunn, GA 06/20/2017
Love the product. Appreciate the value. Like that I can find in store and online. Enjoy the buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Carol Bortle, GA 06/19/2017
Great glasses, that allow me to have multiple pairs because of the great price. Sides tend to loosen up rather quickly, but can't beat the price.

Yvonne Davis, NY 06/19/2017
Glad that you beefed up the frames some.

Robert Waldrop, NC 06/19/2017
There are the best and this offer is great

jorge aguay, FL 06/18/2017
Been buying them for years. Very good!

Steve Pfleghaar, MN 06/17/2017
The item number above the bar code and on the inside of the glasses' frames are very small. It would be easier to read if it were bigger.

Shirley Giesecke, TX 06/17/2017
These are good glasses, and you can't beat the price! I like keeping readers around the house, so these are perfect!

Cynthia Cartwright, AR 06/14/2017
Love these readers. Inexpensive have multiple pairs, some at home,work,and in the car.

William Jennings Jr, VA 06/14/2017

lorraine silva, NJ 06/13/2017
These glasses are very comfortable and easily serve it's purpose.

Gwen Adams, LA 06/13/2017
Most comfortable readers and I've tried several other brands....always come back to these!

WENDY SMITH, NJ 06/13/2017
Nice looking glasses for the money.

Cheryl Tortoriello, CO 06/13/2017
I love your glasses! I have yet to have a pair break! Keep up the great product!

Joseph Pursley, FL 06/13/2017
Really like the glasses!

Stephanie Saxsma, IL 06/13/2017
Seems like a very good value. Really like the warranty and buy two get one free.

bill calderwood, CO 06/13/2017
No opinion at this time.

Sharon Pargac, TX 06/12/2017
These are my favorite pair of readers! They are light and the fit is great too.

Chandra Bergeson, UT 06/12/2017
great glasses . I wear them and work in them. so far they are holding up.

Ron Mccowan, VA 06/12/2017
I also purchased 300 OPTXEXECUTIV 3pk - 553818170

Joseph Golden, PA 06/11/2017
I was wondering if you could please upgrade my free 3pk to the +5.00? I see them listed on the website but not on the dropdown menu. My local Walmart does not provide your product over +3.00. Thank you for your time and consideration of my request. All the Best!

Bruce Akers, CA 06/11/2017
I love the great price, but I wish that there were more styles available at the store. Thanks!

Steve Clemens, OH 06/10/2017
Great Glasses!

Deborah Gray, VA 06/10/2017
I have been using/wearing optx 20/20 readers for many years. I prefer the metal frames for durability I carry them with me everywhere I go because I never know when I will need them. I think I lose them before they wear out more often then I have to replace them because they break. I will continue to purchase the optx 20/20 product because they are simply the best I have found.

Carl Knowles, CA 06/09/2017
Have these glasses all over the house!

Gail Williams, FL 06/09/2017
Good product.

John Popowicz, FL 06/06/2017
Love your glasses I have a pair everywhere now I have a few extra pair for my RV and car thank you for this great offer.

Alan Sintef, FL 06/05/2017
A little complicated to request a free 3 pack. Thanks though.

Robert Paust, NC 06/05/2017
work perfect for me

larry Donald, KY 06/05/2017
These affordable glasses are great for me because I am always losing or breaking them.

Joe Carter, MS 06/05/2017
good product great offer

kenneth kilpatrick, TX 06/04/2017
These affordable glasses are great for me because I am always losing them or breaking them.

Joe Carter, MS 06/04/2017
My husband and I both use your brand of reading eyeglasses and are both pleased with the value for our money. Thanks!

Maria Cendan, FL 06/03/2017
What is the difference between the AIIOY 0D4 553818126, and the Staple 0E4 553818132 Glasses

norman hooper, MO 06/03/2017
love the style

Jolene Page, AZ 06/03/2017
Excellent value.

Gaye cote, NV 06/02/2017
I LOVE YOUR READERS!! They are just the right size for me to do my close work while working (i am a plumber)....They are not too large or bulky and easy to carry.

Susan Staley, OH 05/31/2017
Terrific value!

donald hamilton, OH 05/31/2017
Good Value and since I break them so often or lose them, this is the way to go.

Jackie Pavlak, WA 05/29/2017
Love your readers. Always recommend to others.

Rebecca Renninger, OR 05/29/2017
Great value!

Steve Clemens, OH 05/28/2017
For the price you can't beat them

Jason Lohrer, ID 05/28/2017
Love the value of your product!

Richard Girard, CT 05/27/2017
I love the style and colors.

Debra Ludwig, KS 05/27/2017
Love the Optx Glasses. I can always find the right size and value.

Rick Turske, OH 05/27/2017
These are the best non-prescription readers that I have ever found. They are very light weight and have a nice fit.

Dorothy Burtman, FL 05/26/2017
Seem to work as well as prescription glasses.

Charley Graham, AZ 05/26/2017
Very good product @ a very reasonable price. I've purchased 5 packs so far but I just realized the buy 2 get 1 free option was available.

William Lewis, NV 05/26/2017
i wish to register these (2) items and the receipt was lost/destroyed as there was no indication of the need for it on pkg. where purchased. It just indicated an online registration which would preclude requirement to mail in said receipt. Purchased at Walmart store in Gatesville, Tx. on or about 05/15/2017. I surely hope that this read and acted on as I will return them if not.

ronald baker, TX 05/26/2017
I am pleased with my glasses.

Kevin Lambert, MI 05/25/2017
Perfect readers at a excellent price

Pat Scanlon, MI 05/24/2017
I don't use ANY other readers! I love these!

Diane Peck, UT 05/23/2017
Good Quality

Greg Woodsmall, IN 05/22/2017
I am very satisfied with my purchase, thank you

Allene Boyer, AZ 05/22/2017
So far I am really liking the glasses and love that they came in 4 packs!

Danielle Latulippe, MA 05/22/2017
Unfortunately, the red pair of Tradition 200 readers had a faulty left lense. The other two pair are great.

NANCY CLARKE, IA 05/21/2017
Good quality, a great value.

Sam Makarewicz, MI 05/21/2017

Albert Ovadia, CA 05/21/2017
Thanks! I love your glasses!

Jaime Hoyuela, CA 05/19/2017
I LOVE the design, & colors of this style! They are nice, & lightweight, too! I get zillions of compliments on them, & tell everyone where I got them. The only downside is that they break easily, & the arms snap off in a way that you can't fix them. I already had 2 pairs break.

Terri Rini-Fox, OH 05/19/2017
Seem to work well for inexpensive glasses.

Harold Watkins, TX 05/18/2017
I really like your product but I can't find the glasses I use to get at Walmart of this brand so I switched to the "Heritage" style. I tend to break the side arms easy because I place them on top of my head when not in use so therefore I have to buy a lot and was glad when I saw your offer (buy 2 get 1 free).

Wonnie Mann, KY 05/18/2017
Really like your reading glasses they last good and work really well for me.

Bonnie Waldron, VA 05/17/2017
I purchased two three packs of glasses I would like to get the OPTXTEC clear front # 550436574 as my free pair but they are not on your order form ? Can I get them or do I have to take the 250 OptxHi-Tech 3 Pk item #553818163? I really would like the item # 550436574 if you can send it.

Linda Schreiber, GA 05/16/2017
light weight. Every day use. good price. Just what I needed to have laying around the house. To be used as needed.

don kinney, TX 05/15/2017
I bought two sets from Walmart and want to get the third one free as per your offer.

Calvin Kohli, FL 05/15/2017
I also purchased item 553818186 tradtuib

Lynda Cannizzo, NY 05/15/2017
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