Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
love the product/price savings

ralph williams, AR 10/19/2017
Great product.

Mark Ojeda, CA 10/19/2017
I like how the glasses fix. They are the only brand I buy

Richard Gray, TX 10/19/2017
We use these glasses all the time

Penny Lindamood, WV 10/18/2017
Love the glasses but the color comes off

Margaret Thomas, FL 10/18/2017
I like this style - it doesn't pinch and is distortion free.

j morris, NE 10/18/2017
so far i like them. we'll see how long they hold up.

Karen Leenig, FL 10/17/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision Hello.if some of these do not qualify anymore for a free pack because it's been a long time since I purchased them please let me know. thanks

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
sharing these-for our mission vision

Doreen Arillo, NC 10/16/2017
Great readers. I am very hard on my glasses. These are very sturdy. Thank you

Manuel Cabral, MA 10/16/2017
I am happy with your product.

Henry Chambers, KY 10/16/2017
Great glasses,great price.

Millie Hughes, AR 10/16/2017
Bought for my wife. I liked mine so well she agreed to try yours. The price + free offer was icing on the cake. Thanks!

Paul Komar, IL 10/15/2017
Hate having to wear them but love the product you make available for a great price.

Gary Amerson, AL 10/15/2017
Please use power 4.00 3pk classic readers plastic, which was not listed. You have provided this two times in the past. Thank you. .

Wanda burdett, IL 10/15/2017
Great value. And I like the style.

Preston Schubkegel, WA 10/14/2017
We love these glasses because they are inexpensive and do the job! Walmart however has been putting them in the front of the store instead with the other glasses so it makes it difficult to locate them.

Corrine andrews, VA 10/14/2017
All I ever wear....great price....great product

Sandra Dry, NC 10/14/2017
I think they are very well made and durable for the cost

Phil Mann, NY 10/14/2017
I like your product.

LES Cooperson, PA 10/13/2017
I buy these for my husband and he enjoys them but he also loses them as fast asi can buy them

Doris Cain, GA 10/13/2017
You make a superior product for a reasonable price

David Nash, IN 10/12/2017
Hold up very well in tough, busy commercial kitchen. As the Executive Chef, need to jump from stovetop to office, to meeting, to event floor....nice to have a backup pair in the computer bag as well.

Jeff Hillwig, NC 10/12/2017
I have had prescription reading glasses and they don't hold up. Your glasses are the best. I keep one at work, one in the car, and one at home. I am never with out my glasses. I am 62 and i can not see crap with out your glasses

Joel Carter, WA 10/11/2017
Please make a 3 pack with just black frames :)

Thomas Sporer, PA 10/11/2017
great glasses

kevin graham, VA 10/11/2017
While waiting for my flu shot at the Duarte, CA Walmart store, I happened to glance at the eyeglass carousel which featured your products (and others). I was impressed with the value and decided to purchase two 3-packs of your glasses. I was further surprised to learn that I was now entitled to another free 3-pack. Thank you. NOTE: The point-of-sale carousel did not show clearly, if at all, the free offer.

Monte Ross, CA 10/09/2017
Good value, this is my third set of nine.

Richard Seiler, WA 10/09/2017
Just purchase the item and they seem flexible, clear and very fashion .

Ralph Soto, NY 10/09/2017
good value for the price

Frank Munoz, TX 10/08/2017
I had these in a lower power and had to increase; so I bought six more pairs.

Patsy Burrell, SC 10/06/2017
Like the three pack with out the gold rims

mTim McLaughlan, MI 10/05/2017
The products you offer are professional and stylish. My vision today is excellent. Thank you.

Roy Eller, NC 10/04/2017
I have several pairs that the right ear piece is broken, (I realize that I am very hard on these). I have registered a few pairs for the guarantee but probably only about 20-30% of my total purchases. Should I send the broken pairs in for replacement or if you would send 2-3packs of the 1.75 I would be very happy. I use 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2.00 for different applications. BTW, I am very happy with your glasses expect for the weak ear pieces, but for the cost, I am very happy. Thank You!

Daryl Pace, AR 10/03/2017
Love your products

Michael Ruthenberg, TX 10/03/2017
I love my reading glasses. They're stylish and handy to have around the house.

Betsy Ray, OK 10/01/2017

LARRY BAILEY, AL 10/01/2017
Can't beat the price for this 3 pack of glasses. Bought one for myself 3.00 and another pack of 3 glasses for my wife 2.50.

Charles Stanfield, FL 09/30/2017
I really enjoy my Optx Readers and have for a few years now. They are durable and lightweight on my face.

Jennifer Turnbow, GA 09/29/2017
I really appricate these glasses they are practily unbreakable

bill guppy, CA 09/29/2017
Haven't had long enough to form a real solid opinion, but the glasses appear to be a great value and good quality.

Edward Klein, IL 09/28/2017
fair price for a good product

Bridget Utke, NC 09/28/2017
love these glasses

carol weber, SC 09/27/2017
Great reasonably priced readers. They are the only brand that I ever use!

GARY BILYK, MO 09/26/2017
I love the classic readers. They are comfortable and work well with my contacts.

Katherine Piel, MS 09/26/2017
Good quality at fair price

Joe LeBlanc, GA 09/25/2017
Great glasses. Thanks

Nancy Neathery, KY 09/23/2017
my fiance loves these readers. they work great and still feels stylish.

erica lanore, IN 09/20/2017
Solid, sturdy readers at a good price. Been using them for years.

Gary Dormandy, NY 09/20/2017
Great product for the price!

Jack Gray, UT 09/19/2017

DENNIS DOLL, OH 09/19/2017
I'm very satisfied with the products from Optx. The glasses are optically accurate and hold up well to wear and tear.

Judith Mitchell, SC 09/18/2017
like products

c kidd, TX 09/17/2017
lost my receipt but have pics of product codes

scott dodge, OH 09/17/2017
I love my OPTX 20/20 value pack (2.50 power). They are confortable to wear and are well built. Thank you very much.

Lee Forsythe, AL 09/17/2017
Great glasses for home, office and travel.....thanks

Tina Tennison, IL 09/15/2017
The quality seems to be able to hold up to my husband's handling.

Stefanie Wiggins, TN 09/15/2017
Love your product

Michel Alevy, TX 09/14/2017
Love these glasses!

Steven Long, MN 09/14/2017
Very pleased with style and price

Faye Lynn, PA 09/14/2017
I would like to say that I am glad this product is made available at the local Walmart Stores. They are easy to find, marketed right with competitive prices.

Joseph Finley, 09/13/2017
I had trouble opening the case and sliced my finger, blood everywhere! OUCH!

Sue Moore, UT 09/12/2017
Love these readers!!

Chris Rohr, OH 09/11/2017
Love the eyewear and the pretty colors!

cyndi evans, TX 09/11/2017
Love the way they fit as I have a small head. Price is excellent!

Metina Medford, NC 09/09/2017
These glasses have been a life saver for me. I work outside a lot and keep my glasses in my shirt pocket. I am always picking up something heavy and they seem to get bent, I am able to straighten them out and keep going. Sometimes I loose the nose piece but I can still use them. Then sometime I am bending over the dock and in the water they go. It makes it wonderful to be able to replace them without it costing me a arm and a leg. Thank You Joe Hinds

JOE HINDS, TX 09/08/2017
Worked well so far and a reasonable price.

Kenneth Paetzel, MN 09/08/2017
Had a pair of Geo come apart at "glue point" near hinge - brand new pair.

Vaughn Telfer, MO 09/08/2017
I like that you have them in 4 packs and in black and brown. Don'yt really use the red or blue glasses out and about. Fine around the house.

Jerry Tomkiel, CT 09/07/2017
good glasses

Kathy Gracey, IL 09/06/2017
I really like the lightweight low profile frame. It's hard to find these on the shelves anywhere.

Michael Talbott, NH 09/06/2017
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