Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
Good Quality

Greg Woodsmall, IN 05/22/2017
I am very satisfied with my purchase, thank you

Allene Boyer, AZ 05/22/2017
So far I am really liking the glasses and love that they came in 4 packs!

Danielle Latulippe, MA 05/22/2017
Unfortunately, the red pair of Tradition 200 readers had a faulty left lense. The other two pair are great.

NANCY CLARKE, IA 05/21/2017
Good quality, a great value.

Sam Makarewicz, MI 05/21/2017

Albert Ovadia, CA 05/21/2017
Thanks! I love your glasses!

Jaime Hoyuela, CA 05/19/2017
I LOVE the design, & colors of this style! They are nice, & lightweight, too! I get zillions of compliments on them, & tell everyone where I got them. The only downside is that they break easily, & the arms snap off in a way that you can't fix them. I already had 2 pairs break.

Terri Rini-Fox, OH 05/19/2017
Seem to work well for inexpensive glasses.

Harold Watkins, TX 05/18/2017
I really like your product but I can't find the glasses I use to get at Walmart of this brand so I switched to the "Heritage" style. I tend to break the side arms easy because I place them on top of my head when not in use so therefore I have to buy a lot and was glad when I saw your offer (buy 2 get 1 free).

Wonnie Mann, KY 05/18/2017
Really like your reading glasses they last good and work really well for me.

Bonnie Waldron, VA 05/17/2017
I purchased two three packs of glasses I would like to get the OPTXTEC clear front # 550436574 as my free pair but they are not on your order form ? Can I get them or do I have to take the 250 OptxHi-Tech 3 Pk item #553818163? I really would like the item # 550436574 if you can send it.

Linda Schreiber, GA 05/16/2017
light weight. Every day use. good price. Just what I needed to have laying around the house. To be used as needed.

don kinney, TX 05/15/2017
I bought two sets from Walmart and want to get the third one free as per your offer.

Calvin Kohli, FL 05/15/2017
I also purchased item 553818186 tradtuib

Lynda Cannizzo, NY 05/15/2017
The metal frames bend out of shape very easily especially the nose pads.

Elmer Johnson, TX 05/12/2017
Great for me, I have a 7mo 65 lb dog who keep biting my glasses off the top of my head.

Vicki Maurer, TX 05/12/2017
I love these glasses! The colors are fun and fabulous! Good value for such fashionable glasses!

Cynthia Payne, MD 05/12/2017
Love your glasses

Angela Nyberg, TX 05/12/2017
We just love these readers, so we keep buying them. That way we can keep one pair in the bedroom...one pair in the kitchen...one pair in the car! We love the quality and price of these readers.

Cindy McKnight, LA 05/10/2017
Place package between "main" inside door and "storm" door. Thank you.

Edwin Marcinkowski, NY 05/10/2017
I like having a pair of glasses in every room of my house. The quality and pricing of the Optx 20/20 allows me the freedom and ability to enjoy this luxury.

JL Mania, CO 05/10/2017
I purchase Items 553818125 and 553818180.

Robert Birchfield, AL 05/10/2017
Great product at a great price!

I love these reading glasses.

Swapna Padanilam, OH 05/10/2017
Very pleased with these reading glasses.

Ralph Maccarone, CO 05/09/2017
This Optx product is and always will be the best value for the money. You can't beat them.

Richard Ackerman, MI 05/08/2017
i love your glasses .They are high quality at a affordable price

Feriba Grimes, AL 05/07/2017
thanks enjoy these

janet Rice, MT 05/07/2017
Great Glasses

matthew Carstensen, CA 05/07/2017
My mobile number is 917-690-3734 if needed. Great product at an affordable price. My wife and I bought a 3 pack each and will share our free 3 pack together.

James Calo, NJ 05/06/2017
Love The Look And Feel Of Your Glasses !!

Gordon Farley, UT 05/05/2017
I have enjoyed the value and quality of your product for years. Thank You.

John Call, OH 05/05/2017
I've purchased several "3 pair value packs" in the past, and I'm always pleased with the quality and price of the readers

Cindy McKnight, LA 05/04/2017
I purchased one 3PK OPTXRETRO and one 3PK OPTXSTAPLE. Great readers, thanks.

Frank Iacono, GA 05/04/2017
I am looking forward to using my new glasses so give me a few weeks and I will provide a better opinion.

karen fisher, IA 05/04/2017
I have enjoyed your readers for years. Thank you.

Glenn Kornegay, AL 05/04/2017
Love these glasses.

Jennifer Abert, IL 05/04/2017
Love the smaller frames! Fit good on my head and hold my hair back!

Linda Lancaster, SC 05/03/2017
I have been buying the Optx 20/20 Readers for years now. I love them!

Richard White, MN 05/03/2017
love these glasses

Frank Genova, VA 05/03/2017
It would be nice if these included chains or strings to go around the neck to hold the glasses.

Larry Shaw, OH 05/03/2017
With This order, please fulfill with 4 Pack Russel- Basic Colors

Roger Wood, GA 05/03/2017
I like how they look and price also buy two and get a pair for free

stanley kasmauski, VA 05/02/2017
Excellent product and great price.

S B, PA 05/02/2017
These are great glasses.

Patti Redrup, PA 05/02/2017
I've been using your glasses for years and they're great.

Bill Steinhausser, OH 05/02/2017
Absolutely the BEST readers I have found!

Roxanne Banks, TX 05/02/2017
These are great quality glasses at a good price. Durable, never had a pair break, I have to buy more only when I lose them.

William Prue, WA 05/01/2017
We live with these every day!!! Makes our life easier!

regina Towry, TX 05/01/2017
Good products, thanks!

Darryl Weyant, MA 05/01/2017
They work just great

Rick Muehler, ND 04/30/2017
I have purchased these glasses several times and they are a good value and meet my needs.

Susan Reiter, SC 04/30/2017
The OPTXVOGUE glasses are my favorite readers. I've found that one 3-pack in four has a flaw in the eyepieces; either the screws work themselves out constantly or the eye piece will break off about half way back.

Kim Brown, MO 04/30/2017
We love these glasses!

Lisa Petelinsek, WI 04/30/2017
I first purchased 2 of your 3 pk product about a year ago and love them but my recent purchase of some vogue frames was not of the same quality as my previous purchase. All 3 broke within a month of being purchased still like your product but will stay away from the Vogue frame

Trudy Keefe, SC 04/29/2017
Great Product

Richard Iorio, IL 04/27/2017
Good product; good price.

Joanne Rebello, FL 04/27/2017
I've been very pleased with the quality of these glasses.

Cheryl Wilson, PA 04/26/2017
Great glasses at a great price.

David Jones, VA 04/25/2017
Great glasses, great value!

Carolyn Chesson, VA 04/24/2017
5126272521 Had trouble finding optx glasses - some Walmarts don't carry them. My local Walmart had them, but not the 1.75 lens.

David Seppala, TX 04/22/2017
I used the metal frame for a while then, switched to plastic since the metal was too heavy. The plastic glasses break unusual easy!!! Too fragile. I broke perhaps 15 pair in a year!!!! Too flimsy!! I went back to metal frame. Hopefully I can manage the weight over my nose.

constantin stefan, FL 04/21/2017
Please get Walmarts to keep your items in stock.

Thomas Clark, TX 04/21/2017
These "readers" work great! I am constantly misplacing my reading glasses and the great low price of these glasses make it possible for me to have many extra pairs available to me.

Edward Kasold, FL 04/21/2017
3 pack is good value.

Brenda Esposito, GA 04/19/2017
Great value. Thank you.

Todd Hamilton, LA 04/18/2017

Gary Matosian, CA 04/17/2017
C|Good product at good value.

PETER CROSBY, CO 04/17/2017
A perfect product at a perfect price. In addition to that the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer makes it still more lovable.

Deepak Attaluri, CA 04/17/2017
Love the readers. They get lots of use, all over my world.

UDEBRA SLATER, PA 04/15/2017
Great glasses and hold up well

Paul Garner, TX 04/14/2017
My Husband is very rough with his glasses. These glasses are perfect for him. The price and quality make them the best product for his reading needs.

Bennie Ratliff, TX 04/14/2017
Best readers on the market!

David Blair, MI 04/14/2017
I purchased 3(3) packs on my first purchase at Tractor Supply and when I got home I saw that if I had purchased another pack I could have gotten a free pack.....so I went back in later and purchased another pack of 1.75's....hopefully since I purchased 4 (3) Packs I can get 2 free (3) packs.....I like the product, it takes care of my needs.

Timothy Lowers, WV 04/14/2017
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