Optx@2020 HydroTac Lenses
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Bio-based Earth Friendly manufacturing in stunning styles
Superior comfort, highly flexible fashion-forward plastic frames
Hydro-Tac Stick-On Lenses
Turn any glasses into
magnifying glasses
Fashion Readers
Great styles and colors with leather stitched templates
3 Pair Valu-Pacs
For Home Work Play starting at just $12.50
I have these glasses everywhere!

Cathy Shipp, OH 04/19/2018
I purchased 4 pairs of OPTX-20/20 reading glasses 3 pk 300 ITEM #74340 05 FROM AMAZON...and it had the buy 2 get 1 free offer. The above "choose your free product" does NOT HAVE LISTED THE reading glasses that I purchased which is just like the picture you show on this page item number #74340 05 ....on the package it did NOT HAVE A UPC BAR CODE. I will send you the insert that came with it. I purchased 4 pair on purpose to get 2 free. I hope you will honor my purchase and I hope to get the Readers set of 3 #300 item 74340 05 Email me if you have any questions: peases8@gmail.com

Delon Pease, AZ 04/18/2018
Great product

Mike Kenney, MI 04/18/2018
Good value.

Charles Mallar, NH 04/18/2018
Glasses are great, light weight AND sturdy!!

James Hoover, MI 04/13/2018
I like the price and durability

David Lauten, CO 04/11/2018
I keep coming back to your products. They are a perfect fit for my smaller head and very reasonably priced.

Anne Roof, SC 04/11/2018
Awesome glasses and may choices!!

thomas Linkoski, PA 04/10/2018
Like special offer

george meldrum, NY 04/10/2018
Good product

Bob Toepler, FL 04/07/2018
Great products

keith James, LA 04/07/2018
I prefer the 18138. Only one package was available so I purchased one package of 18138 and on package 18190. Receipt will be mailed.

Evelyn Salter, GA 04/06/2018
I would not try any other product. OPTX 20/20 is the best on the market

Jeff Albert, IL 04/04/2018
These are the best readers that I have ever owned. They are an excellent value. It is clever molding the lens and frame in one shot like safety glasses.

Paul DeuPree, CA 04/02/2018
I really like this design, but would like to have more colors options.

Adriana Reynolds, MA 04/01/2018
Always appreciate the quality of your glasses for a great price.

John Sullivan, MA 03/29/2018
I liked your product and I purchased two of the three packs, one 150 and 175 Optxalloy. I misplaced the rebate documents until now so I hope you will still honor the purchase and the request for the buy two and get one. Thanks, John C. Mushaben

John Mushaben, OH 03/27/2018
I do a lot of work in my woodshop and these glasses are inexpensive, quality eyeglasses that allow me to see the most exacting measurements and easily read all of the building plans I find. I highly recommend them for people that need readers.

Dennis Nichols, CA 03/26/2018
Glasses are very comfortable and durable

Ricky Kellam, NC 03/26/2018
Great glasses for the price

Keith Fletcher, WY 03/26/2018
i am sorry i cannot find my receipt from walmart in surfside sc, i hope you will reconsider and send a free set nonetheless thank you rick steighner 590 collins ave murrells inlet, sc 29576 8436550273

rick steighner, SC 03/24/2018
love having these readers around the house

roberta brooks, CA 03/24/2018
These readers are comfortable and affordable. I keep a pair in every room and vehicle!

Ed Davis, MI 03/24/2018
i love these readers because they are light weight and don't distort my vision around the edges.

John Burrey, AZ 03/22/2018
use these on a daily bases. thank you

Angie Tompkins, CA 03/22/2018
Best value, I like to keep spares on hand for the homeless I work with who don't have readers. They look fashionable and I get lots of smiles for a low price.

Debra Pataky, ME 03/22/2018
I've had at least a half dozen of these break at the temple over time. I'm including one as an example. Please feel free to replace those as well.

Dan Marcus, WA 03/22/2018

PAUL STUKE, VA 03/22/2018
Comfortable frames and nice styles.

Romeo Jaranilla, FL 03/22/2018
Thanks for a free pack.

Angie Tompkins, CA 03/21/2018
These are great

sophie Sistrunk, MS 03/21/2018
Although I have only wore them a short time, tjey are great

Cheryl Barksdale, NC 03/19/2018
Good product at a nice price point

Larry Lawson, MI 03/19/2018
These are lightweight but the arms break off too easily.

jenna mahoney, CT 03/18/2018
We have been using your product for about 7 years now. The glasses are most reasonable in price and fit very well and last forever. A great product.

Brian Nadig, NC 03/18/2018
Great product for me. I loose so many I would go broke using higher priced pairs.

John Call, OH 03/18/2018
I like the Optx 20/20 products. They work well and they are reasonably priced.

Julie Jorgensen, UT 03/17/2018
Great offer

Larry Wright, NM 03/16/2018
Optx 20/20 products have always met my expectations.

Richard Ackerman, MI 03/16/2018
Hello I've found your product does exceed my expectations. They are comfortable to wear and at the same time durable.

Keith Sparks, 03/16/2018
I am hard on glasses and why I choose to buy these instead of prescription glasses. They are affordable and come in many stlyes.

Beth Kubler, NY 03/16/2018
Glasses are stylist, durable, and a great value.

Todd Oleson, WI 03/15/2018
My husband loves these readers because they are lightweight and distinctive.

Renee Strickler, GA 03/13/2018
The readers work well but the metal frames have a tendency to break at the temples.

Elizabeth Stewart, IN 03/11/2018
these glases are greag so glad you made the arms better thankyou

Rory Egan, NY 03/11/2018
fine glasses

edwin works, ID 03/10/2018
Great value - high quality

John McGleam, IL 03/09/2018

Gary Matosian, CA 03/09/2018
I always get your glasses. they last long and I get the 3 pack so I have extras in case one breaks.

Timothy vincent, PA 03/08/2018
Inexpensive and good quality

Rich Maier, IL 03/06/2018
Thanks for making such a wonderful, inexpensive, durable product.

Lisa Starghill, DC 03/06/2018
I like the style and they provide the vision help I need.

Chris O'Mara, CO 03/05/2018
Have them all through the house.

Angie Tompkins, CA 03/05/2018
Good value for a product I depend on every day!

Robert Fallon, VA 03/04/2018
Really a good value

Tony Bene, NJ 03/02/2018
I like these glasses, except I'd really like it if you have the widths posted somewhere. I can't wear narrow glasses and I bought some once that were too narrow and gave them away.

Nichole Gray-Besse, KY 03/01/2018
Wonderful offer

Varshini Kannan, CA 03/01/2018
great price great quality

RODNEY KEETER, OK 03/01/2018
I enjoy the sight savings provided by Optx readers.

Mark Isaacs, MS 02/28/2018
Have been using 200 OPTXALLOY2 reading glasses for years and like the durability of the product.. Will continue to purchase Optix20/20 glasses..

Kenneth Eller, NV 02/27/2018
love the convenience of the 3 packs

mary slade, MS 02/26/2018
My husband and I entered Walmart today and saw your display and immediately stopped to purchase a 3 pack for each of us.

Barbara Nelson, NJ 02/26/2018
My husband and I really enjoy your reading glasses. Keep up the great work!!

Rex Jameson, TX 02/25/2018
Great product and value.

Michael McCarthy, LA 02/25/2018
Love this deal. Great glasses

Sheryl Chappelow, IN 02/24/2018
Great product-Great price!!

Dawn Ottoy, MT 02/23/2018
Love your Optx trad readers!

Francis Roach, UT 02/22/2018
Great inexpensive readers

Jerry Kling, TX 02/20/2018
Great inexpensive readers

Jerry Kling, TX 02/20/2018
I like the quality and affordability of your products. They wear well and last a long time. I wear them only for close work, and then take them off after that when not needed, and they are affordable enough to have multiple pairs and have them handy all over! They have excellent correction for my vision and are just what I need.

Mary Ann Seward, NY 02/20/2018
You have a product that works well and is priced to sell. Keep up the good work!!!

ernie spell, NJ 02/19/2018
Wish the hinges are stronger

phung nguyen, TX 02/18/2018
your glasses could use spring frames

squinty malone, MI 02/18/2018
Pretty satisfied for the quality versus the cost of these glasses. The only weak point appears to be the weakness of the joint that connects with a screw. All my previous pairs have broken on the leg section at this joint. However, for the price the longevity is fairly adequate.

Mark clements, MO 02/18/2018
I love these glasses better than my prescription pair! No distortion, no adjustment and the design is very professional. I am going to Mt Everest in April and plan to take my new pack you are sending me along!!!

LESLIE WILLS, PA 02/18/2018
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